Motorists with outstanding traffic tickets are being implored to take advantage of the period of reprieve being provided by the government, to settle those matters before the new Road Traffic Act and Regulations takes effect on Wednesday, February 1.

Minister of Transport and Mining, Audley Shaw, made the call during debate on the Road Traffic (Reprieve and Nullification of Prescribed Notices) Act, 2023, which was passed in the House of Representatives on Thursday with three amendments.

The legislation is being enacted to afford people a period of reprieve to address outstanding matters in respect of notices issued prior to February 1, 2023, under section 116 of the Road Traffic Act 1938, and to nullify demerit points recorded against their licences.

Minister Shaw said the Act offers all motorists, who have tickets still unpaid, the opportunity to clear these matters from their driving record, and for all who have made their payments, to have a clean slate without demerit points, when the Road Traffic Act 2018 is brought into force.

“I therefore implore all motorists, who still have outstanding tickets, to appear early before the Traffic Court, and if they are having challenges paying their traffic tickets, to indicate their difficulty to the courts, to see whether any appropriate arrangement can be made, concerning the payments,” Shaw advised.

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