The Government says it will table, by next March, legislation paving the way for Jamaica to attract increasingly wealthy, job-generating billionaire investors lured by a transparent incentive package.

The ambitious target was shared yesterday with great relish by Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke, who said it will make Jamaica “the breakout story of this decade in the 21st century”.

“We will be, hopefully by the end of this fiscal year, tabling in Parliament the amendments to the Large Scale Projects and Pioneering Act to make it operational. This is an Act that aims to attract investments of US$1 billion or more to Jamaica,” Dr. Clarke announced on the first day of the Invest Jamaica 2022 Business Conference in Montego Bay.

He told the audience which included potential investors that there are projects forthcoming that fit the bill and it is therefore in their best interest to act quickly.

“To ensure that this is consistent with our framework going forward, of fiscal and debt sustainability, we will have a cap on the maximum amount outstanding at any point in time, which gives an incentive to the billion-dollar investors to get in early,” he said

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